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An Appeal To Reason

Examining the Evidence of Origins In the Evolution Verses Creation Debate


An Appeal to Reason was written with the layperson, that is, the non-science person in mind. It specifically targets those young Christians in the senior high and college level who are constantly bombarded with evolutionary propaganda. This book will bolster one's faith in the integrity and truth of God's word as it relates to the topic of origins.



Dr. John Gideon Hartnett - Ph.D, physics; author of Dismantling the Big Bang:

"Jim Gibson’s approach to the subject is different to the approach I have read in many other creationist

publications that deal with similar material. It is fresh, insightful and challenging to anyone willing to open their mind and use commonsense and reason in understanding the evidence—both present day observations and accounts from history as recorded by scientific observers over the past few hundred years. Therefore I recommend it to everyone."

(You can read his full review of the book here)

Dr. Kevin Schular - Senior Pastor, West Meadows Baptist Church, Edmonton, Alberta:

"Jim Gibson has combined scientific data with sound biblical truth in a way seldom seen in today's media. This

book is readable, engaging, and a good resource... Anyone seeking a reasonable approach to choose creation over evolution will be blessed by this book."

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